Come on a 30 day adventure of BUSTING YOUR ABUNDANCE BLOCKS
JUST BUSTING ONE BLOCK can make thousands and tens of thousands of dollars difference!
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Busting just ONE ABUNDANCE BLOCK  - can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Hi. I'm Kushla. I've been Business and Wellness Coaching for years ... and I've seen just about every block there is, when it comes to Money, Health and Love.

Starting on April 3rd EST, we're kicking off an adventure together.

I'm not making any sleazy promises ...

but imagine, if you were open to creating real and lasting change.

I've personally made massive leaps, using the methods and techniques, I'll be sharing in this 30 day Program. You don't need to heal everything or bust every block, to be and feel abundant ... but we all have a tipping point ...

Where once you reach that tipping point, Abundance becomes inevitable (and yes, I'm talking specifically about Money Abundance).

So ... for $1.50 a day, you could change everything. If you're in - I can't wait to see you soon!

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